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Tue, September 15, 2015 10:36 AM | B Alan Bourgeois (Administrator)

The age of the Super Reader is a new campaign that is designed to encourage children to begin reading at a young age and to continue to read as they grow up.  By reading, they can then become their own Super Hero through learning about the world they live in, and by exploring new and exciting worlds, concepts and thoughts, they have the ability to solve problems and be a Hero.

This program is the brain child of B. Alan Bourgeois the director of Texas Authors, Inc, the parent organization of Texas Assoc. of Authors, DEAR Texas and Texas Authors Institute of History.  It is his hope to create a comic book that introduces his four Super Readers to the world and give the comic book away to children to attend the Lone Star Book Festival on October 1 & 2, 2016.

Currently he has been able to get two of the Super Readers named Amal and Bruce.

Amal is a Muslim girl who's power is Empathy.  She is able to help people feel what another person is going through in life.  Thus, she searches out for bullies to touch and interact with so they may see the harm they are doing.  She has a vast knowledge of the world around her from all the books she has read, and the people she has meet through her life.

Bruce comes from a family of Super Hero's.  While he himself does not have powers like his grand father Bruce Wayne or others, his ability is unique.  Bruce has a magic quill that writes stories that he plays out in his mind, and events that he lives through.  The stories that the quill writes then becomes books for people to read and learn from.

What will be the name and super powers for the other two Super Readers?  Help us name them and create new powers that children and adults can relate to.  Email your ideas to, or tweet them at @SuperReaderTX

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