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RE: Fair Treatment of Texas Authors


Dear Senator/HR Name;


Recently a letter was sent to you by Texas Authors, Inc., outlining three simple objectives that do not increase the state's budget but simply ask the state that we love and support, to support us in a fair and decent way.


As a group of over 8,400 published authors, they contribute over $250 million to the state economy and yet they have been ignored and underappreciated.  Therefore, as a member of the State of Texas, I am asking you to act on the three items as listed below and show that you value small businesses like Texas authors and a stronger education system that authors help create in Texas.


Here is what we have asked the Texas Legislature to implement in this session:


1.    GoTexan should set aside 10% of its budget for the promotion of Texas Authors and rethink the ink and paper barrier that exists today.


2.    Texas Commission on the Arts should create an Author Tour Roster and make this available to schools and libraries in connection with the DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) Texas program and the Texas Authors, Inc. organization. In addition, the Commission should set aside no less than 10% of its budget for this program and others that promote reading, writing, and Texas authors.


3.    Create a grant to begin construction of the Texas Authors Institute of History Museum. This is the only museum of its kind dedicated to Texas Authors, past, present and future. It would provide the rich center for learning about the impressive authors Texas has produced including many which are familiar today like Laura Bush or Marcus Luttrell, as well as all of those who have contributed to making Texas the great state it is.


I know you will do the right thing by supporting Texas Authors and helping them continue to grow their small business and help increase educational opportunities for our children and adults who call Texas home.


Sincerely yours,


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