Joint Effort to Make A Stronger Texas Author Community


AUSTIN & HOUSTON, TX – The publishing climate continues to rapidly change, which presents new opportunities for writers. The published author community increases by thousands each year, which means the competition is stronger and more forceful. That does not make it a bad thing as both Fern Brady of the Houston Writers Guild and B. Alan Bourgeois of the Texas Association of Authors understand. For them these changes represent exciting new opportunities and great growth for their members. For this reason, they have chosen to team up and work together to help Texas Authors.


Houston Writers Guild offers opportunities for their local writers to improve their writing and publishing skills. Texas Association of Authors, while a statewide organization, offers Texas authors the opportunity to learn how to better market and sell their books.  Together, both as non-profits, they can provide more resources for both organizations that in turn grows a stronger community of writers.


B. Alan Bourgeois has always worked with other organizations in various ways to offer support when possible. He believes in the strength and talent of Texas authors and wants them to succeed. For him, teaming up with the Houston Writers Guild was a no-brainer. Helping Houston area writers with marketing, while supporting their local group, is a natural fit.


From this union, members of both organizations have increased resources and opportunities to grow stronger by combining access to more services at an affordable price.


To learn more about improving your writing skills in the Houston area, please visit the Houston Writers Guild website at:


If you are a Texas author and would like to expand and enhance your marketing skills while increasing exposure to your work, please visit Texas Authors website at:


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