TxAuthors Saves Texas Authors Over $2,500 in Work

As a member of TxAuthors, you have unlimited access to a great deal of information and knowledge that has taken years to accumulate. We are dedicated to finding new and innovative ways for you to market and sell your book(s) more effectively for less money out-of-pocket.

Over the years we have spent more 100 hours compiling information, and for the average college graduate, that equals $2,500 of hard work that you, as a member of TxAuthors, reap the benefit of, for only $100-$125 per year. That means it would take you at least 20 years as a member to equal the amount of money you save just in your first year. That is if you USE the information and programs.

TxAuthors is about helping YOU market and sell your books. We have an internet book store and a Pop-Up book store that displays and promotes your titles. We average over 10,000 views per year through these avenues. That’s less than one cent per view. You simply can’t find any marketing option cheaper than that. When you add in all of the many other opportunities and money saving programs available to you, as a member of TxAuthors, you continue to save and make more money in the long run.

NO other organization offers what we do and for you to not take advantage of the programs, articles, etc., translates to us that you DO NOT want to make the effort required to sell your book. It really is that simple.

If you are serious about selling your book, PLEASE take advantage of what you have at your fingertips.  Thousands of other authors around the world would love to have an organization like TxAuthors to plug into. So, make them even more envious by using all of the tools and opportunities that are available to you and start seeing results!

We are always looking for new programs, concepts and ways to assist our authors. Therefore, your input on what we can do to make things even better for you is always welcomed. A few authors have given us ideas to work with and we have incorporated them into our programs. Your voice helps ALL of us grow stronger and better as a writing community. And through this team effort, we have created a Ripple Effect in the publishing industry that is just now beginning to take shape and develop into something that will make a difference while increasing our income as authors.

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