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Thank you for considering joining Texas Association of Authors, a not for profit organization that is dedicated to marketing, promoting and selling Texas Authors and their books.  TxAuthors was created in the summer of 2011 and continues to grow stronger every year.

In 2015, we estimated our in-person outreach to 10,000 people, in addition to our Social Media following of over 10,000 people, to be a great value and resource in helping you get the word out about you and your book(s).  With each year, we continue to increase our outreach not only within the state, but around the world. This alone is worth the membership price!

The only requirements for membership is one of the following items: 1 - You live in Texas and are a published author or 2 - Your heart is in Texas and you are a published author.

Below is everything that is included in our regular membership.

  • Listing and ability to sell your book(s) on our bookstore website
  • Participation in the DEAR Texas event - listed on the website     
  • Dear Texas Radio Interview - No Less the  2 times in a calendar year.     
  • Listing on the Texas Authors Institute of History website with the opportunity to sell your book.     
  • Having your book(s) available for sale in our Pop-Up traveling bookstore. (In 2016 we did 15 events across the state of Texas)
  • Access to the Members Only section of this website that has articles, links, and connections to a variety of items and people to help you grow in marketing and selling your books.
  • Major discounts on events and programs sponsored by TxAuthors, which includes our annual book contest, short story contest, Authors Marketing event and other programs.
  • Access to Book Festival events at extremely low discounts    
  • Assistance in video taping a book reading or interview for use on YouTube
  • Listing on our YouTube channels
  • Printing discounts for marketing materials by a Texas printer
  • Weekly newsletters with the latest information about TxAuthors and informative articles to help you succeed
  • Use of eBook Download Card system - sell Mobi & ePub books yourself and make more money.
  • Monthly tweets on 14 social media sites to over 20,000 followers and growing by 100 followers per week   
  • Use of eBook Download Card system to sell Mobi & ePub books yourself and make more money.
  • Plus notice of new and exciting events that we create to help you market and sell your books.

TxAuthors is here to help you save money and time, while getting more exposure which increases your opportunity for more book sales.

All of the above services are included in your membership.  Individually, you could spend up to $1,500 per year or more.


This information is subject to change without notice.

If you have any questions about the above items, or need assistance in paying for your membership, please contact us via email at: or call us at: 512-554-9560.

Click here to hear Tony Gambone interview B Alan Bourgeois the Director and Founder of TxAuthors to learn more about what TxAuthors does.



You will go through a couple of pages of required information to join TxAuthors, Once you have entered the information, Name, address, etc., and have clicked on Next, it will take you to the Review & Confirm page, the Pay Online option is in the middle of the page and should be clicked on once you have reviewed the information to be correct.  We do all of our payments through PayPal Online, for your safety and security.

If you have clicked on View/Pay Invoice, you still have one more option to Pay Online.  The button is at the top of the Invoice Details. 

If you have gone beyond that, please contact us and we will send you a PayPal invoice.

Thank you for joining, it will be well worth your time and it is a great value for your money.

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What our Members say About Us:

I've been with Texas Association of Authors for three years and have found them a helpful marketing source. 

Julie B Cosgrove, May 9, 2017
Internet missionary for Power to Change
The world is on the internet, let's lead them to Jesus.
Christian author, speaker

"Opening Doors"

Breakfield and Burkey are delighted to be a part of this organization because it has allowed us to meet some really interesting authors. With Burkey as one of the hostesses for DEAR Texas radio, she has interviewed several authors and  has the goal to interview everyone in our Texas Association. We are stronger because we are a team!

Alan has opened some doors we can choose to use. I appreciate the discounts we get for printing items like The Enigma Series bookmarks and table space at events such as Lone Star Book Festival in Oct 2017 and McKinney Square Book Festival along with our author page Alan established. Great value and more to come with each new festival we can schedule. 

Follow us on Twitter @EnigmaSeries and Facebook @TheEnigmaSeries for links to sample chapters and tweets from others in our association to promote. Our website has events such as interviews on DEAR Texas Radio you can ask Alan to be the next star! Burkey would be honored.

Looking forward to meeting you at the next event. Let us know if you will be there. 

Breakfield and Burkey March 9, 2017

"I get so much..."

I get so much out of Texas Authors in terms of marketing ideas, contests and staying up on trends in the industry, that it’s hard to say what’s been of the most value, so I will give you two reasons why I love this organization.

When I won a “First Place-Humor” in the short story contest last year, you might have thought I’d won an Oscar or a Pulitzer by the reaction of friends and colleagues! That’s priceless.

It’s fun to be a host for DEAR Texas Radio. Plus, I’ve learned so much from interviewing our association’s authors. I’ve learned how they manage full-time jobs and still get books written, what marketing strategies work for them, why they like to attend book festivals, how they come up with ideas and more. If you’re not listening to – or participating in -- the radio shows, you’re missing value.

Lorri Allen, Award Winning Author - March 5, 2017

"Texas Authors Value to Me"

As with any organization, the benefits of being a member must reflect a goal or passion in your life. The principal on which Alan Bourgeois founded TEXAS AUTHORS fits my beliefs and adheres to my goals as an Indie Author in the state of Texas.

For me personally, there are lots of perks that come with holding a membership with this organization. But, the one I have personally gained the most from is the annual Texas Authors Marketing Event. Invaluable information is exchanged at this event and I always come away inspired with fresh new ideas on ways to market my work that I wouldn’t have known about if not for the conference.

A result of entering my books in the TEXAS AUTHORS awards contest, is that I can now claim the prestigious title of an Award-Winning Author. Not only is it exciting to win an award from a contest judged by impartial judges, but it lends credibility to me, as an author, and gives me marketing fuel. It also boosts my confidence as a writer and inspires me to be and do better with each story I create.

These are just two of the many opportunities offered to authors through TEXAS AUTHORS and its sister organizations. 

Jan Sikes, Award Winning Author - March 3, 2017

"Two Reasons to Join & Stay with TxAuthors"

There are two important reasons to join and stay with Texas Association of Authors.  First, TxAuthors organizes and runs many book festival and other author signing events around Texas.  Considering the fact that authors sell more books when they can interact with their market, a book signing event, large or small, gives you the opportunity to interact with the people who buy your books.  This is probably the most valuable tool in selling books and getting your name brand out in the public view. 

Second, access to classes and symposiums on everything from better writing to book creation to marketing and sales.  Writing a book is just the first step in the process.  A professional and appealing cover needs to be created, and the book needs to be advertised and marketed in the area in which you intend to sell.  Classes on these topics and others give you the skills you need to be successful as an author and accomplish your goals.  Ultimately, everything in the process is your responsibility, but TxAuthors will help you be successful.     

Larry Morris 02/28/17

"The TxAuthors definitely shows its value in many ways"

While there are numerous associations to consider, it is my personal experience that TAA shows genuine interest in each and every member.  This is important to me.  Experienced advice is promptly and openly offered to my inquiries – oftentimes within minutes.  If an inquiry needs research, Alan has a team of professionals that he contacts for support and he shares that information freely. 


In being a member, I have access to marketing tips, various promotional efforts, coordination of book festivals and events, as well as author visits and more.  I have obtained advice on book and eBook production concerns involving quality, costs, formatting, distribution and marketing. 


The TxAuthors definitely shows its value in many ways - aside from the comradery, TxAuthors puts our home state in the foreground too!

Harry Capers (Sprout of the Aunt Eeebs & Sprout Author Team)

"I Learned A Lot..." August 2, 2016

"I just wanted to mention that I appreciate everything you do. I am new to this industry and totally clueless about publishing and marketing, but over the last year, I have learned so much because of Texas Authors.

LM Nelson,


" He’s really passionate about it..." March 1, 2016

“Alan is also an author, but that’s not what his life is about. His life is really about ‘how can I promote other authors, and other Texas authors’.   He’s really passionate about it, he lives, breaths and eats, ‘what’s my next thing I am going to do to support people?’ 

"He has helped me as an author, but more important I have seen him really mentor and train other authors…and that is near and dear to my heart, I’m a really big fan of his.”

Debra Winegarten

Award Winning Author

Highly Recommend TAA  July 7, 2015

Reviewer: Lynn Hobbs from Karnack, TX United States   

Texas Association of Authors continues to exceed all of my expectations of an organization; professionalism, credibility, activeness in expanding venues, promotion of books, and prestige.

Hats off to B. Alan Bourgeois for his insight and accessibility to authors.

I have enjoyed being a member for several years, and highly recommend TAA. It is  indeed outstanding!


I highly recommend being a part of TAA  May 6, 2014

Reviewer: Patty Wiseman from North Texas   

Since I've been a member of Tx Association of Authors, I've enjoyed a broader outreach due to the credibility this association gives an author. I'm very excited to know my books are being shown in areas of Texas too far for me to travel. I've made sales, been asked to speak, book engagements all because of the website. We enjoy a fast & professional response whenever we have a question. I highly recommend being part of this prestigious association.

I love what TAA is doing  May 1, 2014

Reviewer: Anonymous Person from TX United States   

I love what TAA is doing. They are promoting the books at multiple venues and providing valuable resources to authors.


Texas has a group solely intended to help  April 29, 2014

Reviewer: Anonymous Person from TX United States   

It's about time the state of Texas has a group solely intended to help, encourage and network authors! As soon as I joined I began getting emails telling me of upcoming book festivals, asking for opinions on how best to market books for all authors and invites to author parties. It doesn't get much better than that.


A resourceful and cooperative group  April 29, 2014

Reviewer: Laura Starks from Dallas, TX United States   

Texas Association of Authors is a resourceful and cooperative group dedicated to increasing visibility of Texas authors and culture. Alan Bourgeois is an energetic leader who reaches out to readers and authors in all parts of the state.


(C) 2011-2015 Texas Authors, Inc. A 501.c.6 Not for Profit Organization

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